Laughable Matters

Through the ups-and-downs, we must trust that God is faithful and in the end, all the matters in our life were simply laughable when looking into eternity.

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Yo… after three straight years of trying to go on missions… I’m going to India today. In less than 4 hours I’ll be on a plane to India. Omg… Pray for me guys. 





how did the telephone propose to his girlfriend?

he gave her a ring image

Reblogging only because of the Hercules gif aka my favorite Disney movie! The joke was….okay.


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"wake up we gotta go"

That’s a bedhead right there!


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Anonymous asked: so you do like LEEKYUNGSOON. she's cute and has her heart in the right place with Jesus. you don't have to reply i'm just saying

Yeah… I like her. She’s my friend. Chill. (OH)

beautyfulsapphire asked: Seems like everyone is harassing you with questions... LoL So here is mine: If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how many wood would a woodchuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Also how's prep for India?

hahaha i just started packing. (OH)

Anonymous asked: Hey little Oscar, maybe... You should answer your anonymous questions.

:) Whoever this anon is… I think you are very cool! (OH)

Anonymous asked: Younger or older? And how much?

???? (OH)

Anonymous asked: Are you still friends with your exes or girls you used to like? Do you wanna be friends with them?

Ehh… Define friend. I talk to them both once every blue moon. (OH)


Woah woah woah! Alto! (OH)

Anonymous asked: Do you like the user leekyungsoon?

She’s such a lovely person. I don’t know a person who doesn’t like her. (OH)

Anonymous asked: I need some advice. I found out a few days ago that my close friend (she's a girl) likes me. What do I do? We are both Christian by the way.

It really depends on how you feel about the girl and whether you are ready to date her or not. If u do like her back and if you feel that it is the right time for you to date someone, then yeah I would say go for it. 
But if there are lots of things go
ing on in your life such as school, work, and/or family, then I would say you should give it second thoughts and see if you could really manage a girlfriend and all the other things that are going on in your life. You can always wait until you are ready and when you feel is the best time for you guys to date. Afterall, love is all about patience. Or if there are problems between you two, you can always talk about it with her to come to a condolence. 
If you dont like her, then you should obviously not date her and tell her straight up (in the nicest possible way) that she is not the girl you are looking for and that you dont have feelings for her or something like that. That is the best way in my opinion so u dont give her any false hopes or misunderstanding by say something else and you might actually be hurting her less by telling her the truth.

Anyways thanks for sharing and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!! Update on us how it goes. :) (SK)

Jesus is always first. If you have a strong relationship with Jesus and you’re ready to go into a relationship where Jesus is the center of it, then go ahead. Also make sure she’s in a good place with Jesus as well. And make sure you both are dating for a long term goal (marriage) instead of dating just to date. 

Also, be intentional. Kind of like what Sunny said, don’t play the “indirect hint” game with each other whether you like each other or not. If you like her back, ask her on a date! If you don’t like her or don’t think she’s a potential wife, then tell her that you think of her as a sister in Christ. Remember, love is vulnerable. You have to feel vulnerable and be ready to be vulnerable if you want to experience the full love. (SP)

Yooooo. Pretty much the fellas gave you really great advice. I have two things to say: 1) Pray about it… Really just pray about it and read the Bible. God will reveal His plan for you and show you the best thing to do. 

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." - Matthew 7:7

2) Really think about the consequences of dating her. I want to share something with you. I used to dating whoever liked me and I ended up getting screwed over. I mean I liked them too usually, but I dating without fearing consequences. I just rushed into things because of emotions. Now things are different! I really like this girl, but I’m not going to pursue for a couple reasons. 1) because God told me to not date when I was a sophomore in College, until I graduated. 2) me and this girl are both too young. 3) her family doesn’t live in Seattle and mine does. I eventually want to go back to my family and I know how hard it is to live far from family. 

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." - Matthew 6:33


  • Jacob was a cheater;
  • Peter had a temper;
  • David had an affair;
  • Noah got drunk;
  • Jonah ran away from God;
  • Paul was a murderer;
  • Gideon was insecure;
  • Miriam was gossiper;
  • Martha was a nerve wreck;
  • Thomas was a doubter;
  • Sarah was impatient;
  • Elijah was depressed;
  • Moses stuttered;
  • Zaccheus was short;
  • Abraham was old and
  • Lazarus was dead.
  • God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
  • THIS. (OH)